101 Pool Tips

Crystal Rain Pool Services has compiled a FREE e-Book containing
101 Pool Tips for our clients and website visitors. These tips are valuable information gathered from years of experience in pool and spa maintenance.

Here are a few sample tips ... 

  • Proper pump selection and run time, along with frequent swimmers
    in your pool, will help keep your water moving and circulating
  • Reduce Phosphates from pool water
  • Maintain cyanuric acid at designated level to improve chlorine effectiveness and efficiency
  • Always keep strainer baskets free from damage, like cracks, where debris can pass through and clog underground lines and pumps
  • Maintain a proper seal between deck and coping to prevent water seepage between the ground and pool wall, using properly applied deck seal
  • Always retrofit swimming pool drain covers with anti-vortex covers to help reduce the suction from the drains which can hold a body underwater
  • Don't store pool chemicals where other materials can fall into them. (Don't put HTH under your old paint shelf!)

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