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Crystal Rain Pool Services (CA Lic #1043797) is a swimming pool service, maintenance and repair company. Built from the ground up through commitment to hard work and determination, we take great pride in providing excellent service. We've been serving North County San Diego for over 20 years!

Why choose Crystal Rain Pool Services? We've taken the steps to make our clients feel at ease...

- When making repairs, servicing accounts or performing installations... our clients can rest assured that it's being done by a qualified and committed company. We regularly participate in educational seminars designed to keep us and you informed about the latest technologies and products emerging in the pool and spa industry.

- Communication is a big part of our mission. Questions from our clients are e-mailed to us throughout the day and our responses are quick. In addition, pertinent information (brochures, manuals, invoices, statements or estimates) can be forwarded with the click of a button.

- An important feature of our company is the way we maintain and balance the pool water chemistry. Under most circumstances, a "magic" chemical is not needed. Smart, effective maintenance of the water and equipment eliminates the need to inject your pool water with these "magic" chemicals. Contrary to what your local pool stores may tell you, a pool can be maintained without the need of expensive chemical alternatives.

- And, most of all... we treat every pool as if it were our own.

Barb Rahier
Crystal Rain Pool Services

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