Swimming Pool Cleaning Service Solana Beach

The beautiful city of Solana Beach is the perfect place to enjoy swimming pool fun in the sun. If you own a swimming pool in Solana Beach, CA, Crystal Rain Pool Services is your best choice for pool cleaning and maintenance. We offer full service swimming pool cleaning and swimming pool maintenance & repair for pools at residential, public, and commercial locations.

Crystal Rain Pool Services is committed to offering top of the line pool care at reasonable and affordable rates to the residents of Solana Beach. Our average rate for residential swimming pools is somewhere near $95 or so. Prices obviously vary depending on the size and dimensions of your pool, but we pride ourselves at Crystal Rain Pool Services in giving our customers some of the most fair and affordable prices around.

Some examples of the more commonly provided swimming pool services:

  • Check chemical balance of pool
  • Check swimming pool equipment
  • Pool surface skimming and vacuuming
  • Brushing of pool walls
  • Auto cleaner adjustment
  • Chemical implementation
  • Other basic maintenance and service

In addition to the more routine services we provide, we are able to perform a wide variety of pool services which have to do with the various different types pool technology that are out there.

Some of thes services may include cleaning the salt system cell or the cartridge filters. Perhaps recharging the D.E. filter or unclogging impellers. WHatever the job calls for, you can be confident that Crystal Rain Pool Services will provide you with the service you need in a cost effective manner.

Cyrstal Rain Pool Services is flexible and can adapt to any client's specific needs and requests. It is our goal to take away all of your pool maintenance concerns.

If you are interested in our swimming pool cleaning services in Solana Beach, please contact us today.