Pool Party Coming Up??

Call us today and we will help make sure that your pool is ready to go! What we ask is at least one week before your party, that you turn on your hot tub and ensures that it gets up to your desired temperature for your party coming up. Then call us and let us know if your heater needs service before your party. Also, let us know what day your party is. From there we will take actions to ensure your pool is party ready. Normally this includes:

  • Your heater is working and getting up to temp.
  • Your filter has been cleaned recently to ensure that the extra bather load does not slow down filtration.
  • Your water has been treated with extra sanitizer and shock to ensure that it will safely handle the extra bather load.
  • We will also typically perform your pre party service as close to the event as possible to make sure that your pool is looking at its BEST!

Click here to let us know about your upcoming pool party.

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