Teach Your Dog How To Swim & More Tips For Pet Owners This Summer


Summer is almost here and while you’re getting beach ready, don’t forget about your pets! Celebrity vet, Dr. Cindy Bressler, tells us the five things you must do to get your pets ready for Summer!

Summer is right around the corner and while you’re in search of the perfect bathing suit, don’t overlook how important it is to get your adorable pooch or feline ready for the dog days of summer. Dr. Cindy Bressler, NYC’s top house call veterinarian to the stars, tells us the five things to do for your furry friends to prepare them for the summer heat, playing around pools and how to keep them tick free while playing outside.

Check out Dr. Bressler’s summer pet checklist!

1. Make sure your pet is microchipped. Pets spend much more time outdoors during summer months so it’s important to have if they get lost. They can also escape from the house or the yard when people are going in and out more often or have guests over.

2. Puppy proof/pet proof your summer home. Check screens, safety gate around the pool, treat the lawn for ticks and fleas, make sure no poisonous plants on the lawn, make sure no bee hives around.

3. Teach your dog to swim. People assume dogs just know how to swim and do the doggie paddle. Buy a life jacket, show them the pool teach them where the steps are and how to get out, get in the pool with them and supervise swim time.

4. Learn Summer safety for pets. Gated or fence in your yards so [pets] can’t escape and get hit by a car, make sure they can’t get out by digging under the gate. Pets need sunscreen too and paw care when walking on hot sand or sharp gravel. Paws can be sore when dogs walk on new substances that they are not used to. Frequent grooming to clean hair from sand, salt, chlorine and check for ticks and fleas often. Ask your vet about flea and tick prevention. Safety around barbecues, grills and campfires fireworks is also important.

5. Learn pet CPR in case of accidents like choking, drownings, burns, get a pet first-aid kit. It’s always important to know where the closet emergency hospital or emergency vet is.


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