This Company Makes Heated Swimming Pools from Old Shipping Containers

Old shipping containers are getting a whole new day in the sun. You’ve probably already seen people turn the metal boxes into tiny homes. Well now a company has a really cool new use for the containers: heated swimming pools.

Most people know you’ve got two options for swimming pools. You can either shell out major bucks to put one in the ground, or find a (probably unattractive) above-ground solution. Of course, some people can’t actually put a pool in their backyard because of rocks or space issues.

Canada-based Modpools created an excellent solution for people who want a swimming pool but can’t get one, for whatever reason. They turn old shipping containers into heated pools for any situation.

Besides looking really slick, these pools own several impressive perks. For one, they cost about half as much as a conventional in-ground pool. They also leave a really low carbon footprint, set up in minutes (seriously) and — get this — are movable.


The slick in-container window comes standard on every container. And pools can heat to 84 degrees in just a matter of minutes, even if the weather is floating in the teens.

You can even use a special divider to create a hot tub on one half.

Of course, the pools have a few obvious drawbacks. Like the fact that they’re smaller than the typical solution. But with such a low price point and wait time, the pools definitely make sense for certain demographics.

As the pictures show, you can build a deck around them, or go completely in-ground or choose somewhere in between. Plus, the pools feature high-tech lighting systems and touch-screen controls. And they just look cool.

Pools start around $27,000 and you can get more info from the Modpools website. At the rate we’re going, it’s just a matter of time before you drive your shipping container car back to your shipping container house to take a dip in your shipping container pool!

This article was originally written by Jeremy Burchard and appeared here.

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