Crystal Rain Pool & Spa Services

Crystal Rain Pool & Spa Services

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Same Day Service – Licensed & Insured – Unbeatable Rates

Serving San Diego County since 1998!

We take pride in answering your calls and are standing by to assist you.

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Pool Cleaning Services

Our pool cleaning and repair services include everything needed to keep your pool looking and performing fantastic.

Residential Swimming Pool Service:

  • Cloudy water?
  • Green algae bloom?
  • Renting out your home?
  • Protect your investment!

Pool Equipment Repairs:

  • Leaky pipes?
  • Loud motor?
  • Malfunctioning cleaning system?

Commercial Swimming Pool Service:

  • Do you have an apartment or condominium complex that needs service?

System Installs & Packages:

  • Time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient variable speed pump?
  • Old, leaking filters or pumps?
  • We offer flexible and affordable upgrades.