Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Service

Residential pool

Crystal Rain Pool Services offers full service and repairs on all residential pools. Our rate averages start at $95.00 on most residential pools. All basic chemicals and services are included in our service.

Here's what a typical service visit looks like from start to finish...

  • Check chemical balance of pool
  • Turn on and examine equipment
  • Skim pool surface and vacuum when necessary
  • Brush pool walls
  • Examine and adjust auto cleaning system
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Adjust and maintain equipment (backwash; empty pump basket)
  • Implement chemicals
  • Leave service slip indicating time and type of service

This service routine may vary from pool to pool. And, additional steps may be necessary which involve different equipment. Some of these steps may be...

  • Clean salt system cell
  • Recharge the D.E. filter with diatomaceous earth (D.E.)
  • Clean the cartridge filters
  • Perform more detailed water tests when necessary
  • Periodic repairs or maintenance of equipment
  • Lubrication of O-rings, unclog impellers or adjust valves

Our company is flexible and can adapt to any client's specific needs and requests. It is our goal to take away all of your pool maintenance concerns. Contact us today.