Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

Crystal Rain Pool Services can expertly detect, diagnose and repair your pool equipment.


Heater not heating? Heaters need proper water flow and correct water chemistry. If this is not achieved, corrosion of heater components will result.

Plumbing leaks? Water leaking from the PVC allows air into system, which decreases water flow to the pool. In turn, extra chemicals are needed to maintain the correct water chemistry and clarity.

Motor making loud noise or won't turn on? Bearings or seals are the major culprits in faulty motors. Proper maintenance, leak-free systems and proper drainage will prolong the life of pump motors.

Filter returning debris or sand to the pool? A faulty filter not only causes improper filtration necessary for the water, but also can damage cleaning systems.

Cleaning system not performing correctly? A properly functioning cleaning system not only helps keep the pool clean, but prevents staining of the surface.

Other repairs we perform include...

  • Salt system installation and repair
  • Electrical, including timers and controls
  • Pool light repair and replacement
  • Valve repair and replacement
  • Expansion joint caulking

Please contact us today to schedule your swimming pool equipment repair.