Today I am looking out my window at my beautiful, CLEAR pool. A few months ago, it looked like Shrek's hot tub. The pool cleaner I had for 4 years sold his business to a very inexperienced guy. A few months after he started, my pool started turning green. Within two days, it was a swamp. He came and dumped chemicals in it explaining that a small leak in my cascades was the cause of ALL of the choriline disappearing. I got the leaked fixed right away even though it had been there 4 years. Within a couple of days, my pool was green again. This happened four times in one month. After the third time, he told me that my salt cell wasn't working and I needed to buy a new one. He said he would get me one. Before he could do it, the pool was green again. I fired him and went on Yelp to find a new pool company. I called Crystal Rain and they were out here the next day. I told Jeff that i needed a new salt cell. He said he would like to check things out for himself. Low and behold, I didn't need a new salt cell. The chloronater had been turned OFF!! I was so impressed that Jeff didn't take advantage and try to sell me something I didn't need. My pool has been crystal clear since then. Jeff is honest, trustworthy and responsible. I was so lucky to have found Crystal Rain. I highly recommend them with no hesitation!!!

Lisa S.,