I would highly recommend Crystal Rain Pool Services. We have been using them for the past 6 months and they have always done what they said they would. They always show up on time, and our pool is always crystal clear!!

David L.,

Looking at one other review (done last month by Lisa) I want to say "SAME!". Our sparkling pool has never looked better. Our last company had no clue what they were doing and actually quit us after less than six months of service. We had inherited them when our former company sold his customers. Lucky us! We began using the Crystal Rain on the recommendation of our neighbors. Living 18 years in Encinitas, our pool has never looked so good. The service people know EXACTLY what they are doing and have never missed their regular day. We are confident that they have control on the chemical balance and understand our solar system. We highly recommend Josh and his crew. THANKS, JOSH!

Alan Z.,

The guys at Crystal Rain really came through when we needed them. They are professional, knowledgeable, and terrific service providers. As a new spa owner, I had TONS of questions and they took the time to address all of my concerns. My neighbors use them (that's how I found them) and have nothing but great things to say about them!

Hannah S.,

Today I am looking out my window at my beautiful, CLEAR pool. A few months ago, it looked like Shrek's hot tub. The pool cleaner I had for 4 years sold his business to a very inexperienced guy. A few months after he started, my pool started turning green. Within two days, it was a swamp. He came and dumped chemicals in it explaining that a small leak in my cascades was the cause of ALL of the choriline disappearing. I got the leaked fixed right away even though it had been there 4 years. Within a couple of days, my pool was green again. This happened four times in one month. After the third time, he told me that my salt cell wasn't working and I needed to buy a new one. He said he would get me one. Before he could do it, the pool was green again. I fired him and went on Yelp to find a new pool company. I called Crystal Rain and they were out here the next day. I told Jeff that i needed a new salt cell. He said he would like to check things out for himself. Low and behold, I didn't need a new salt cell. The chloronater had been turned OFF!! I was so impressed that Jeff didn't take advantage and try to sell me something I didn't need. My pool has been crystal clear since then. Jeff is honest, trustworthy and responsible. I was so lucky to have found Crystal Rain. I highly recommend them with no hesitation!!!

Lisa S.,