These guys are AWESOME!! You will not find a more friendlier, more knowledgeable, and ready-to-help team of pool service professionals out in Carlsbad. Josh is simply...amazing! He is the founder and always makes us feel that we are taken care of. We have NEVER been let down. Whenever we have had issues with our pool, Josh and his team have always come to the rescue. They have gone far beyond the duties of just ongoing pool maintenance and cleaning services. They've even installed a new pump when ours burnt out, and did it very quickly and made sure all the right settings were in place so that we can enjoy our beautiful pool, spa and waterfall. Thank you IMMENSELY, Josh. You've impressed us.....once again! 🙂


This is a GREAT pool service. I tried two other pool services before I found Crystal Rain (a recommendation from my neighbor who uses them). Their prices are very reasonable, they never miss a service and they never try to sell me services or products I don't need. I've used them for almost a year. They are very honest and fair. My solar system had a problem with a leaky valve. They quoted me a price but told me if it took less time than anticipated they would charge me less than the quote.

I'm very happy with Crystal Rain and my pool is in perfect condition.

I recommend them highly.

Marguerite M., Client

I am a Board member for an Association with a "community-type", commercial pool and spa. I have direct experience with the prior two pool service suppliers and both were terrible.
Crystal Rain has been providing our service for over 3 years now. There has been a noticeable and consistent improvement of our pool. In addition to the weekly maintenance of the pool and spa, they have also made and implemented suggestions which improved the efficiency of our pool equipment which resulted in lower operating costs to keep the pool running. Anytime that there has been a question or concern, Crystal Rain has always been prompt in addressing those issues.
If you need a reliable pool service company that will keep your pool crystal clean then I would highly recommend Crystal Rain Pool Services.

Darrell B, Client

I am a happy Crystal Rain customer. Over the years I have looked and looked for a company like Crystal Rain. I have tried approximately ten other pool service companies and all of them have either made a mistake while servicing my pool, not shown up as agreed, or gone out of business. Crystal Rain is the only pool service I have ever found that has been knowledgeable, professional, and reliable. They service a pool at my rental property, and I never have to worry whether the pool is remaining in good shape. They are also willing to keep in contact with both myself and my tenant. Everything they do is so very much appreciated!

Ellen R., Client