3 Ideas for Creating a Festive Halloween Pool Party!

When fall rolls around, many pool owners might get discouraged because they realize that the pool season may be nearing an end. For those lucky enough to live in a warmer climate or those who have installed pool heaters, the backyard festivities continue year round. However, if you have closed your pool you can still celebrate many holidays poolside – and one of our favorites is Halloween!

Turn Your Pool into a “Terror”ific Lagoon

Whether you decide to have a gathering or not, decorating for a holiday is always a great way to get in the “spirit” of things. Create a floating pumpkin patch with resin Jack-O-Lanterns or with real pumpkins. Yes, they will float! If you don’t want the trouble of fishing them out later, carve the pumpkins and place them around your deck or swimming pool for ambient lighting.

Using dry ice in your pool is another great way to give your pool area a foggy/swampy effect. What you want to remember is if you are using dry ice in the pool you should not allow people to swim in it. You don’t want to create a situation where the swimmers vision is blocked or whoever is watching to be sure your swimmers are safe. Remember to place the dry ice in a container before floating it in the pool so the surface will not stain.

Another spooky effect would be glowing hands in your pool. Place glow sticks in surgical gloves, blow them up and tie the gloves off then float them in the pool! This will give your pool great lighting and turn it into a spooky grave yard.

Don’t forget your bony skeletons, they want a tan too! Float a skeleton on the pool or lounge them in your outdoor furniture for extra bodies at your pool party.


Frightening Food and Dreadful Drinks

What’s a good Halloween party without food? From Mummy Pizzas, Zombie Fingers to Spooky Spider Snacks and Witches Brew, we have created the perfect Halloween Ideas 2015 Board on Pinterest including great ideas for all of your Festive Halloween Food. Be sure to check it out to make Halloween one of your new favorite events to celebrate poolside!

Halloween Party Food

Make-believe Costumes

What are you going to be for Halloween? Have you considered a swimming pool themed costume for yourself or your kids? Some ideas are Michael Phelps or Missy Franklin look with a Speedo and some medals. Scuba divers, mermaids, sharks and an octopus are among our favorites. You can also make your costume from pool noodles.

Parent's Magazine Scuba Diver Costume

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