Got Leaves?

Leaves can be a huge pain in the fall season. We found a few tips that might keep them tamed while your pool technician is away. We hope they help! 

  • Leaf traps can help! Leaf traps that resemble a small canister vacuum cleaner remove leaves from the pool’s surface before they reach the skimmer, pump, or filter. Leaf traps are powered by suction side pool cleaners or vacuum heads.
  • When leaves do collect in your pool, direct them to the skimmer by pointing your pools’ wall jets in the same direction to move water around the perimeter.
  • If leaves settle at the bottom of your pool, remove them quickly or they may stain the pool, especially concrete.
  • Remove leaves cc- leaves in poolfrom pool covers to keep the leaves from falling into the water.
  • Use a small leaf skimmer with a relatively shallow net attached to a telepole to quickly capture leaves and debris floating on your pool’s surface.
  • A leaf rake with a large mesh pocket can collect leaves on the pool’s surface and floor. When using a leaf rake, work around the sides first, then clean from the middle of the pool.
  • Leaf eaters that combine top skimmers or bottom cleaners with a large collector bag and brushes are particularly good for pulling in leaves from the surface or bottom of the pool and containing them for removal.

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