This Pump Can Save You Thousands

IMAG1773As of February of 2013 , over 100 pool pump models have been produced to save swimming pool owners, such as yourself, energy and the high cost of electricity.

Many of you have heard of Energy Star. Now, Energy Star certifies pool pumps. Energy Star has also created an energy savings calculator to help show homeowners the benefits of an energy saving variable speed pool pump. Variable speed pool pumps also qualify you for a $200 rebate from SDGE. In addition, the variable speed pool pumps are an investment that pay you back in a little over a year for most applications, and can continue saving you thousands over the life of the pump!

Call us today and Crystal Rain can help you determine your potential savings based on the following:

-Electricity Rate
-Hours per day of pool operation
-Pool size in gallons
-Size and operation of conventional pump
-Pump in consideration

Give us a call today for your free estimate and free energy audit!

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